Induction Training

In human resource development, induction training is a form of introduction for new starters in order to enable them to do their work in a new profession or job role within a business (or establishment) Training can be systematic or unsystematic training.

When a new team member joins your good organization, it is vital for the management to ensure that the new member gets trained quickly and become productive as early as possible. Often it is seen that in many companies this process is extremely lax damaging companies productivity. Many a big companies often put the newly joined candidates simply on bench there by not only affecting the morale of the candidate but also the overall company productivity. Having no work in hand due to lack of knowledge in terms of processes and inadequate training can really hurt an organization big time.

Continued Learning works with such organizations to diffuse the work load of HR and Management team to ensure timely induction processes followed for the newly joined employees, enable them to get trained on the organization's processes, organization structure and acceptable working practices as early as possible. Continued Learning also works with the HR and management team to pro-actively create an induction checklist for the new team members.