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Does Java really need an introduction? Honestly we don't think so. But still for those who really are unaware of Java.

Java is a general purpose computer programming language which was initially developed James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. Java as a language is concurrent, class-based, Object Oriented and is specifically designed to have few implementation dependencies as possible making it as a choice of language for millions of applications out there. Especially developers love the principle of Write one, Run anywhere - which means that once compiled Java Code can run on all platforms without the need of additional recompilation.

Advanced Java Training, Advanced Java Course from Continued Learning will clear all your concepts of Java and make you an expert in Java programming

Advanced Java Course

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Download Advanced Java Course with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Syllabus for ready reference of what is going to be delivered in the course.

Download Advanced Java Course with OOP Syllabus