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  • Continued Learning
Measurable Results

Change is constant and often necessary for continuation. In nature it is often seen that ecology evolves and the inhabitants change and adapt themselves and contribute. Similar is the case of business ecosystem. New technology, new scenarios often make businesses change the way they do and they have a constant need for trained, skill based manpower.

When it comes to Technology itself, it has never ceased to change and it is essential for the people looking for a career to constant adapt to newer tools and technologies to ensure a steady career growth.

At the heart of Continued Learning is the commitment to deliver courses that are practical, interactive, job oriented and backed by strong assignments and practice sessions. Our defined training approach and methodology reflects this. More importantly we use technologies indepth to not just to deliver quality training but also ensure post training support, that is mainly to get a job. Furthermore our students have Continued access to our Learning Center which has a plethora of learning materials that is not only restricted to text based material but also audio and video based training material (custom).

Interactive and Online

Our Career Courses & Modular Courses are highly interactive and are well supported by trained online staff which is ready to help 24/7 (online). Physical delivery of training is done through classroom sessions, pretty much of those sessions are made available online through our learning center which assures continuity for the slow learners. We focus indepth on practice based learning sessions by effective method of fostering discussions, transferring knowledge which are supported by assignments that are made available and compulsory through our learning center.

Questions, Doubts, Queries - We welcome them all and students can put in their questions, comments, queries or doubts directly to the trainer online through the learning center which are usually replied to within 24-48 hours either privately or through common threads.

Practical and Assignment based

It is not a secret that Practice makes a man perfect! and we lay a very strong emphasis on the practical approach of learning. Students are provided with numerous assignments on a day to day basis - some say those are overwhelming, however in principle it something that lays a strong foundation for the career growth.


All assignments are monitored by trainers / Instructors and management staff, in such these assignments are transparent with the hiring companies and are compulsory

Action and Assessment Oriented

We believe in assessments as the prime factor in hiring processes and exams and certifications as a key motivator for career growth and learning. We have continuous assessment tests which are objective, subjective and also situational problem based questions. We have a overwhelming data bank / question bank of 70,000+ questions on various levels (1-5: Skillset based)

All assessments are transparently shared with the hiring companies