Why Continued Learning

We at Continued Learning are on a mission, that is one of Skill development. India has a strong, growing economy, growing population and the Government today is taking very strong and concrete steps to convert the raw manpower into that of a skilled manpower. However, much work needs to be done on the ground for the government to prove that this step will work and is not just a bunch of announcements as made by the previous Governments. The magnitude of the problem has been analysed by numerous experts: for a country that adds 12 million people to its workforce every year, less than 4 per cent have ever received any formal training. Our workforce readiness is one of the lowest in the world and a large chunk of existing training infrastructure is irrelevant to industry needs. Continued Learning attempts just that. As mentioned earlier, we are on a mission to help the youth get trained better and get jobs which can act as a stepping stone in their career.

Mission Skill Development

We realize the importance of technology in our mission to create skilled manpower and place them and we use technology effectively through our Learning Center which hosts a plethora of learning resources, assignments and evaluation tests for the students.

We realize the importance of hiring costs involved for the corporates and we attempt to lower that by effectively providing the Corporates with a Hiring Center which not only lets corporates look at available candidate pool but also look at indepth candidate history so as to enable them to take a decision point.